Darren Rovell Visits The 9/11 Memorial Museum

Boring As Heck

Note: Darryl Darren, if you’re reading this, it’s a joke. It’s not a real thing. Do not attempt to contact a university official. Do not email yourself and ask if you wrote these tweets. These are not real tweets. It’s fake. It’s a parody. 

@darrenrovell: $24 to get into 9/11 Memorial Museum. $9.11 would make more sense. That’s the date the terrorist attacks took place.

@darrenrovell: 9/11 rescue workers receive free entry to the museum. I did not receive a discount despite my nearly 500,000 Twitter followers.

@darrenrovell: Man standing next to me in “Remembering the Children of 9/11” exhibit is wearing hilarious Mark Sanchez t-shirt.

@darrenrovell: The museum is hemmed in by a grove of 400 oak trees. Asked our tour guide the minimum amount of trees required to constitute a grove. He said he’d get back to me.

@darrenrovell: Female museum staff members averaging a 7/10. About what I expected…

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College Sports!

From this article:

That Gillispie is allegedly mistreating players should come as no surprise to those within the basketball community given his reputation earned during stints at Texas A&M and Kentucky, the latter of which being a place where he was fired after just two seasons of not enough on-the-court success to make the administration ignore his off-the-court problems. He’s tough and hard and sometimes irrational. It wears on people. And now it just might cost Gillispie his job before his second season at Texas Tech even gets underway.



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Ex-Joe Pa Statue

From Deadspin

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Pornstar makes music video to help former Barcelona President Joan Laporta get re-elected

The man who brought glory and honor and victory, prestige and value.
The man who punched the Whites with that 6-2 win.
The man who moved my bed, with Catalan fury, manhood and love.

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Last-minute problems plague London Olympics

Last-minute problems plague London Olympics

Get your shit together London.

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Priorities at Penn State

From this deadspin.com article about Penn State:

But remember, the board of trustees for a major academic institution embroiled in a national controversy is seriously debating whether or not to tear down a statue honoring a football coach. So, you know, maybe that’s your problem right there.

Apparently, Penn State is a combination of a professional football team and the Catholic church that is run by 14 year olds who are worried what other people with think and is also incidentally loosely affiliated with some of the worlds greatest scientists (for instance C.R. Rao and Aleksander Wolszczan).  Academics is indeed a strange place.

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Jon Calipari

Wait, John Calipari coaches the Dominican Republic? That makes sense.

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