Joe Paterno: “Great guy”

So, lets get this straight.  Joe Paterno covered up over a decade of child molestation in order to protect the integrity of a sports program that causes young men massive head trauma without compensating them for their work while he makes millions of dollars?

Great guy.

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Steve Cishek: Setting Up For The Lord

Steve Cishek: Spreading god’s glory by being tied for 13th in the majors in holds on a mediocre, sub-.500 NL East team.

Jesus N Sports

Coming into the season, one of the more intriguing storylines around Major League Baseball was the newly formed Miami Marlins. They got a new stadium, a new manager, and brought in some big money free-agent signings in shortstop Jose Reyes, closer Heath Bell, and starting pitcher Mark Buehrle.

As we are in the All-Star Break of the baseball season, Miami has gone through many ups and downs. Some of those include manager Ozzie Guillen’s comments about Fidel Castro, their winning record in May, and Bell’s six blown saves in the first half.

For this interview, I wanted to hear from someone in the organization to reflect on their faith and the Miami Marlins. I reached out to set up man Steve Cishek. Cishek has been in the Major Leagues for two seasons and the 26-year-old righty has had the best season of his career so far

In the first half…

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Lastings Milledge

From my friend:

 Brien:  Remember when Lastings Milledge was going to be the next great baseball player?  Yakult Swallows: Lastings Milledge suspended one game after ejection

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Indians DQ injured Nick Hagadone

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11 year old olympian?

An 11 year-old olympian from the 2004 games?

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Football vs Football

I just started following Oakland A’s pitcher Brandon McCarthy on Twitter (@BMcCarthy32).  His bio says [emphasis added]:

Brandon McCarthy

I pitch baseballs. I love Liverpool and LSU football. Those are different footballs but I’m not explaining the difference. My wife says to say that I’m married.

Since he won’t explain the difference, I will.

In the first football (Liverpool), those players get paid a ton of money to play a sport where the worst case injury is a knee tear, whereas in the second football (LSU), those players get paid nearly nothing, while their coaches and administrators make millions off of them, to play a sport where the best case scenario is that they don’t hit dementia until they turn 50.

Have a great day.


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God Shammgod

Just thought I would remind you that this guy and his awesome name still exist.

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