Some Olympic Thoughts

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My position on NBA players and the Olympics has not changed since I first wrote about it nearly 8 years ago. It was stupid then. It has not gotten any smarter.

The following is an article put together by Brett Morris that provides an additional perspective and some more details that to me, re-enforce my position.

### When the Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade said he thought “guys should be compensated” for participating in this Summer’s Olympics, he received a great deal of public backlash for being “un-American,” and “selfish,” from all walks of life — military personnel, politicians and the average sports fan.

More interesting though was a group that kept quiet on the issue — other “Olympic sport” athletes.

I waited all week for a groundswell of support for Wade’s comments from the likes of swimmers, gymnasts, pole vaulters, etc. Not because they think Wade could use the money…

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