Fantasy Baseball Anger

I joined a new fantasy baseball league this year and I only know a few guys in the league.  They were expanding to 12 teams, but right before the draft, one of the guys dropped out. As a result of this, he was kicked out of another league he was in with these guys.  He sent this email below.  I don’t know this guy, but as far as I can tell he is completely serious. My favorite part is that he wishes death upon the league participants.

Hey guys,

You could man up and tell me that you are kicking me out of this league because I am not willing to sacrifice a Sunday to travel to your shithole [sic] city and draft in a separate league.  Fucking pussies.  It’s alright keep the money in Springfield.  You’ll need it the next time god sends a tornado to take you fuckers out.  Consider it my contribution to the relief fund.

Whoever’s call this was is a pussy for not even letting me know.  Coward. Or cowards.

I was up front from the beginning about my schedule constraints for the draft.  That everyone ignored that isn’t my fault.  I was upfront and honest and in turn you pussies were underhanded and cowardly.

So fuck yourselves.

Enjoy the season, homos.

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