Greatest Super Bowl Ever

It’s taken me a bit of time to recover from watching my New England Patriots lose to the New York Giants in the Super Bowl. Again. But I’m over it now. 24 hours is all I need. Because, as much as I am a fan of the Patriots, I’m a much bigger fan of the absurd side of sports. And in that regard, this was the greatest Super Bowl I have ever watched. We had:

  • A safety as the first score of the game, which paid out at 60-1, and was called by the refs on an intentional grounding in the endzone
  • A Giants fumble reversed by a Patriots 12 men on the field penalty.
  • The WORST game winning touchdown certainly in a Super Bowl, but maybe ever

This was all followed up with the most bizarre trophy ceremony I have ever seen where Raymond Berry carried the Vince Lombardi trophy through a gauntlet of Super Bowl winning players who each took their turn diddling the silvering prize until it was ultimately handed over to the most un-athletic person in Lucas Oil Stadium.

Congratulations to the Giants;  I hope the head injuries were worth it!


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