My dream NFL season

I almost got my wish of a 7-9 team hosting the NFC championship game, but that’s not my ultimate dream.

Let me run this scenario by you:
In the NFC west, all 4 teams split the season series with their division opponents and lose all of their other games. The winner (lets say San Francisco) will have 3 wins and make the playoffs and they will be a 4 seed. Let’s say they beat the 5 seed in wild card weekend and the 6 seed also wins. Then in the divisional playoffs, the 6 seed and the 49ers win their games. That would mean that the 6 seed would play in the NFC championship game AT San Francisco. Say San Francisco wins and goes to the Super Bowl and then wins there. San Francisco would have finished the regular season 3-13, hosted the NFC championship game, won a super bowl, and finished with an overall record of 7-13 (6 games below .500 and a .350 winning percentage.) They finish with more playoff wins(4) than regular season wins (3). It could happen, right?

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