According to this article:

“In addition, he [Chip Kelly] received a $100,000 bonus for leading the Ducks to the Pac-10 title, $75,000 for the Rose Bowl appearance, $25,000 for beating Oregon State and $25,000 for being named conference coach of the year.”

“Oregon’s No. 11 finish in the polls netted Kelly a $15,000 bonus, which he receives for a final ranking of 11 through 25. A top-10 final ranking would have been worth $100,000.”

“Kelly received $275,000 for Oregon’s TV appearances and $30,904 as his share of UO season ticket sales, which amounts to 0.2 percent of gross receipts.”

“The academic performance of UO football players earned Kelly $25,000 for a team grade-point average above 2.5 by scholarship players. He would have received $50,000 for a GPA above 2.75 and $100,000 for a GPA above 3.0.”

“Kelly did not receive any bonus for the team’s graduation rate or academic progress rate, both calculated on a four-year rolling average. He could have received as much as $100,000 for each.”

So lets get this straight:
$15,000: Finishing 11-25 in the final AP poll.
$25,000: Beating Oregon State, Being named Coach of the Year, and team GPA of 2.5 (a C!) or higher
$50,000: team GPA of 2.75 or higher
$75,000: Rose Bowl appearance
$100,000: Finishing in the top 10 in the AP poll, team GPA of 3.0 or higher.

So, its more important to make the Rose Bowl than it is to get B’s according to this guy’s contract. Students First!

Final note: Not only is this guy making money off of the work his players do on the field, he is making money off of the work they do in the classroom. Amazing.

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