NFL Playoffs

Apparently the “Seahawks offer no apologies for their status”.

“If the Seahawks defeat the St. Louis Rams at Qwest Field to improve to 7-9, they’ll capture the NFC West and become the first team in a non-strike season to make the playoffs with a losing record. A victory over the Rams (7-8) would allow the ‘Hawks to put on division-champ caps, have a few celebratory cocktails and look forward to a home playoff game, likely against the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints (11-4), the following weekend.”

“And should that happen – no, they won’t be apologizing, in case you’re wondering.”

Apologize? Of course they shouldn’t apologize. Why are sports writers even asking these questions? (cause they’re idiots.) It’s not their fault they can still make the playoffs with a losing record. Under the current NFL playoff system, a team could theoretically qualify with 3 wins (think about that for a bit). So if you don’t want a team with a losing record making the playoffs, change the playoffs criteria. Just don’t blame the Seahawks if they get in at 7-9.

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