My rooting interest in football at this point in my life is purely to root for disasters, and this season has been one of my favorite ever.

My NFL dream dream came true watching the Detroit Lions go winless in their 2008 campaign. Truly a glorious disaster. After that, I didn’t think the NFL had anything left to offer me, but now I might get to see a team with a losing record make the playoffs AND get a first round home game. Thank you, NFL!

But what’s really got my attention is the NCAA. They’ve really outdone themselves this year. While we didn’t get to see a Boise State or a TCU play in the BCS title game, my ultimate dream, there is no shortage of NCAA awesomeness to be had. We’ve got the Cam Newton situation, a four loss team (UConn) in a BCS game, and the BCS screwed up its final rankings.

Some fun facts about UConn:
-There has only been one other 4 loss team to make a BCS game (Florida State, 1994)
-UConn is ranked 25 in the AP poll and they are not in the top 25 in the USA Today poll.
-Oklahoma is favored by 17 points. There are tied for the largest favorite in any bowl game along with Boise State who are also 17 point favorites.

Go Huskies!

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